The inspiration behind the Scorpio Rock Pickers was simple: we saw a need for superior rock picking equipment. Our goal was to design a rock picker that wasn't just robust and durable but also user-friendly and cost-effective. One of the greatest benefits of choosing a Scorpio Rock Picker is the significant reduction in downtime and repair costs. Too often, rocks damage valuable agricultural machinery. Our rock picker is designed to prevent that. Furthermore, the Scorpio stands out as the most cost-effective option in the market, thanks to its unique all-hydraulic drivetrain and the integration of high-quality components with HARDOX steel. This ensures minimal maintenance costs.

We set out with a vision to develop the best rock picker in the world. Given the thousands of units now operating across North America and beyond, we're confident we've realized that vision. "No belts, no shafts, no rocks – no problems!"

Tractor pulling a rock picker through a field


Elho America Inc.

Elho America Inc. was established in 2023 as an affiliate of our parent company, Oy El-Ho Ab, based in Finland, Europe. You can learn more about us at www.elho.fi. Our roots go back to 1968 in Bennas, Finland, where we've been crafting high-quality agricultural equipment and exporting it globally. With the inception of Elho America Inc., we're poised to offer an enhanced level of service to our valued North American customers.
Our mission is to build a comprehensive network of Ag-Dealers across the U.S.—professionals who are committed to identifying the perfect solution for your specific needs.

Warm regards,
Michael Johansson, CEO